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Supporting kin and the children they raise

Supporting Relative Caregivers

DC KinCare Alliance seeks to achieve a future where all DC children live in a safe and stable home.

We work to support caregivers who raise DC’s most vulnerable and at-risk children (usually grandparents or other relatives) whose parents are not able to care for them.

Parents may be incarcerated, homeless, have a substance use or mental health problem, abuse or neglect their children, or have been detained or deported.

We respect and empower relatives to care for at-risk DC children by providing:

  • Legal representation
  • Information and education
  • Advocacy

Meet Brenda and Her 8-Month-Old Granddaughter Kayla

Brenda began caring for her grandbaby Kayla when Kayla’s mother was hospitalized from a drug overdose. Kayla’s father is incarcerated for trying to kill Kayla’s mother. Brenda struggled to feed, clothe, and get diapers for Kayla. Even worse, once COVID hit, Brenda lost her minimum wage job and got behind paying her utilities and rent. She was terrified she would become homeless.

You can now apply for a caregiver subsidy!

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January 12, 2022

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January 11, 2022

DC KinCare Alliance Signs on to Letter to the Commissioner of the United States Children’s Bureau

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January 6, 2022

Executive Director Marla Spindel and Deputy Director Stephanie McClellan Quoted in News Series — Still Broken: DC’s Child Welfare System

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We believe in relative caregivers who step up to raise DC’s at-risk children.

Your gift today can directly and positively impact their lives.

Any amount is gratefully accepted and will be applied directly to help those most in need.