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Caregiver Forms

Caregiver Subsidy Applications

Relatives and godparents can apply for a grandparent or close relative caregiver subsidy
to help raise the children in their care!
Find out more about eligibility and how to apply by clicking on the buttons below.  

The caregiver subsidies are administered by the DC Child and Family Services Agency and its Kinship Navigator Program.  We are not affiliated with CFSA.

You can print out the applications by clicking on the buttons below or if you want to submit
an application to CFSA online, go to

Combined TANF/SNAP/Medicaid Application

Caregivers can apply for TANF, SNAP and/or Medicaid using this form.  You can also apply online at the DC government website or download the DC Government Access Mobile App on your mobile phone at Google Play or Apple App Store.

Custodial Power of Attorney

Parents can share physical and legal custody of a child with a trusted friend or relative by using this form.  No court involvement necessary and it can be revoked at any time. 

Other Primary Caregiver (OPC) Form To Enroll Child In DC School

An “Other Primary Caregiver” may use this form to enroll a child in a DC school. An “Other Primary Caregiver” is a person other than a parent or court-appointed custodian or guardian who is the primary provider of care or control and support to a student who resides with him or her, and whose parent, custodian, or guardian is unable to supply such care and support due to serious family hardship.

Standby Guardianship- Designation

Parents can designate a trusted friend or relative to care for their child if they are unable to do so due to death or incapacity from a chronic illness or COVID-19, or adverse immigration action (e.g., deportation).  No court involvement necessary until after the parent can no longer care for the child.