Marla Spindel

Co-Founder and Executive Director

[email protected]

Marla Spindel is the founder and Executive Director of DC KinCare Alliance.  Prior to starting DC Kincare Alliance, Ms. Spindel co-founded the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project (“DCVLP”), whose mission is to create, support, and utilize a network of volunteer lawyers to provide high-quality, pro bono legal services to domestic violence victims and at-risk children in Washington, DC.  While at DCVLP, Ms. Spindel managed its Child Advocacy Program for nine years and then acted as Special Counsel, primarily focusing on national and DC child welfare policy.  She currently serves on DCVLP’s Advisory Board.  Ms. Spindel’s advocacy work at DCVLP led her to establish the DC Kincare Alliance to support kin who care for children.  Ms. Spindel served on the DC Superior Court’s Domestic Relations Branch Subcommittee, and was instrumental in advocating for and assisting the Court with drafting the Practice Standards for Guardians Ad Litem in Custody and Related Consolidated Cases and the DC Superior Court’s Handbook for Self-Represented Litigants.  She has practiced family law in DC for over a decade and is a certified mediator.  While at DCVLP, she authored numerous relevant white papers, including Parental Use of Phencyclidine (PCP) Constitutes Per Se Neglect in the District of Columbia and THE CIVIL GIDEON:  The Case for a Civil Right to Counsel. Ms. Spindel was previously a member of the Court’s Counsel for Child Abuse and Neglect Attorney Panel.  She earned a J.D., with honors, from George Washington University Law School and a B.A. in Government from Cornell University.